• I present software I developed for Mac OS X.
  • All software are freeware and the source code are provided.
  • I welcome any comments. Especially I need bug reports.


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XRegex 1.0.1 : Substring and replacing using regular expression.

XRegex is an AppleScript library to provide pattern matthing with regular expressions.

You can obtain matched texts and replace these.

NSRegularExpression is used in the interanl.


XAppProcess 1.0 : Send key events to background application processes. Activate, hide and unhide processes.

XAppProcess allows you to send key events to the application process specified with a bundle identifier.

“keystroke” and “key code” commands of “System Events” can send key events only to the frontmost application process. But XAppProcess can send key events to any background processes.

Also following oprerations to application processes are provided:

  • activate an application process with detail options e.g. only one window is bring to the front
  • hide an application process without using “System Events”


keycode 1.0 : Reverse search for keycodes from characters

Each key of a keyboard have a keycode which is an identifier as a hardware. Inputted character by pressed the key is determiend by the keyboard layout in software layer.

“keycode” is a command line tool to reverse search for keycodes from characters.

“keycode” prints keycodes according to given characters. When argument is not given, a table of keycodes and characters is printed.

keycode [-hvn] [chars]

  • -n : print keycodes without appending newline characters
  • -v : print version infomation
  • -h : print help