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  • OS X 10.9 or later
    • Developed and tested on OS X 10.14.6


Version 1.2.2 -- 2020-01-31

Old Versions

Show Help

"Show Help" is an AppleScript application to display a help book in a budle (e.g. application bundles) with the Help Viewer.

To display help books of applications, you must launch the application and choose an item in the help menu. "Show Help" allows to display the help without launching the application.

"Show Help" open the help book of the selected bundle in the Finder when it is launched. It is recommended to launch "Show Help" with launcher utilities as follows.

If you are a user of LaunchBar, open searched application with Launchbar with "Show Help" as following movie.


  • 1.2.2 -- 2020-01-31
    • Fixed error in OS X 10.9-10.10.
  • 1.2.1 -- 2020-01-28
    • Use HelpBook.scptd instead of HelpBook.osax.
    • Notarized.
  • 1.2 -- 2018-12-14
    • First release with English documents.