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  • アプリケーション
  • OS X 10.8 以降
    • macOS 10.14.6 で開発/テストしています。


Version 2.1.4 -- 2020-03-06

Old Versions


miclent is a command line tool to open a file with text editor mi and select specified line.

When the file is already opened with mi, the curor move to the specified line. Threre is an option to set a bookmark before move to the line (-b option) to back. This feature help to back original locaiton quickly by pressing Shift-Command-B.

Sytaxes :

miclient [-b] [line] file


  • 2.1.4 -- 2020-03-09
    • Post key up event after pressing Command-B.
    • Add code siging
    • Support App Notarization
    • Support Hardened runtime