Read Me First

How to Display Help

The detail usage of StationeryPalette are described in the Help documents which can be displayed with Help button in StationeryPalette's window.

In this document, the installation process is discribed.


  • OS X 10.9 or lator
    • Developed and Tested on macOS 10.14.6
  • GUI Scripting
    • Grant access to this application in Security & Privacy Preferences, located in System Preferneces.


Place into the Applications folder.

A service menu provided by StationeryPalette will be enabled after relogin.

Enable GUI Scripting

Each application of FileClipper require permission to control your computer using accesibility features (GUI Scripting). When the application is launched at the first time, following dialog will be displayed.

Pressing "Open System Preferences" cause to open "System Preferences" and to add the applicaiton into the "Accessibility" list of the "Privary" tab of the "Secutiry & Privacy" pane. Turn the check box of the application on.