• I present software I developed for Mac OS X.
  • All software are freeware and the source code are provided.
  • I welcome any comments. Especially I need bug reports.


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MergePDF 2.4 : Merge many PDF/image files into one PDF file.

MergePDF can merge many PDF/image files into one PDF file.

The main feature of MergePDF is that it determines the order of binding the PDF/image files according to their view sorting order in the Finder. The PDF files will merge with the order displayed (see the pictures in sec. "Usage" in the Manual).

Additionally, MergePDF can create bookmarks named according to their original file names.


ModuleLoader 3.0 : Yet another modern library system for AppleScript.

ModuleLoader is a system for managing and loading libraries(modules) of AppleScript.

In OS X 10.9, built-in support of libraries was introduced to AppleScript, which called as "AppleScript Libraries". ModuleLoader is a yet another library system, which has been developed from 2006 before release of OS X 10.9, and has been maintained without interruption until now.

ModuleLoader have a similar function to "AppleScript Libraries" as follows.

  • Find a library from predefined locations and load the library as a script object.

    Libraries are searched from following sub-folders under user's home directory and the root directory.

    • Library/Scripts/Modules
    • Library/Script Libraries
  • Sub-libraries required by the loaded library are automatically loaded.
  • The version of a library to be loaded can be specified.

In OS X 10.9 or later, AppleScript Libraries will be first choice to work with libraries. "AppleScript Libraries" will be sufficient in usual tasks. But ModuleLoader can work with "AppleScript Libraries" and complement following missing functions of "AppleScript Libraries".

  • All libraries can be loaded and embeded at compile time.
    • Loading all libraries when compiling a script causes removing dependencies on libraries and ModuleLoader.osax. The script can works other computers in which the libraries and ModuleLoader.osax are not installed.
  • Libraries can be forced to reload anytime.
  • AppleScript text source file (.applescript) , applets and droplets can be libraries.


InsertionLocator 1.3.2 : Obtain insertion/selected location in Finder with smarter way than Finder does.

InsertionLocator is an AppleScript module to obtain insertion/selected location in Finder with smarter way than Finder does.

Finder's insertion location property always means the top level folder of Finder window. This behavior is not enough in same cases, for example expanded subfolder shown in a list view window can not be the insertion location.

InsertionLocator allow following behaviors.

  • If a file is selected, the container of the file can be insertion location.
  • The selected folder can be insertion location.
  • The only selected folder which is expanded subfolder in the list view window can be insertion location.

These behaivor can be customizable to meet your application.