• I present software I developed for Mac OS X.
  • All software are freeware and the source code are provided.
  • I welcome any comments. Especially I need bug reports.


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AppleScriptDoc 1.7.1 : A document generator for AppleScript libraries.

AppleScriptDoc is a generater of a reference manual of AppleScript libraries.

AppleScriptDoc extracts tagged comments in the source code, and output fommated HTML files. The HTML files can be set as a Help Book in the script bundle.


XModulesCore 1.1 : A starter kit of AppleScript module library "XModules".

XModulesCore is a starter kit of AppleScript library "XModules".

XModulesCore is a colletion of software for the programing utilizing AppleScript library. It is convenient to install a bunch of required software at once. XModulesCore contains ModuleLoader.osax which is modern module loading system, some scripting additions, some basic AppleScript libraries.


XDict 1.7.1 : An associative list type data collection.

XDict provides associative list type data collection. The associateve list is a collection of pairs of keys and values.