• I present software I developed for Mac OS X.
  • All software are freeware and the source code are provided.
  • I welcome any comments. Especially I need bug reports.


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AppleScriptHTML 2.6.2 : Convert AppleScript source code into clean HTML.

AppleScriptHTML converts AppleScript source code to HTML representing styles and formatting.


FileClipper 3.1.1 : Move, copy, make alias files, make symbolic link and make hard link through the clipboard.

FileClipper allow you to moving files, copy, making alias files and symbolic link through the clipboard.

Mac OS X Finder can copy files or directories using the clipboard, but cannot move files or perform other file operations. With FileClipper, not only is moving files possible, but aliases and symbolic links can also be made. The file references made by the Finder are treated as FileClipper tools, so copying and pasting can be done naturally.


Open in Terminal 2.0 : Make a new terminal window of the working directory depending on the frontmost context.

"Open in Terminal" make a new terminal window of the working directory depending on the frontmost context. The frontmost context means,

  • If Finder is in frontmost, the working directory is Finder's selected location.
  • If a document window opened by certain application stays in frontmost, the folder containing the file will be the working directory of new terminal window.

When there is a terminal of the target working directory, the terminal window will be bring to front instead of opening new terminal. This feature helps to avoid terminal windows scattering.

"Open in Terminal" requires enabling GUI Scripting and setting up ~/.bash_profile. See "Installation" section in the manual for the details.