You can support my software development efforts by making a donation.

The all softwares distributed through Script factory is free and all source code are opened, because my softwares are developed for mainly own use and I hope to help someone with my software if possible.

But everybody need some money as same to you. If you can find something which is useful for you and you hope to keep up my site, you should pay donation. And please encourage me.

You can make donation through PayPal. I welcome any amount, but I suggest that an indication is about $5 or $10.

PayPal will accept all mejor credit cards. You don't need to open an acount.


Donation amount

By the way, making a donation does not imply keeping future development of all softwares. Following situation will cause to the end of the development.

In any case when I end the development of a software, I will continue to keep download links to the software and the source code as possible I can.

Also, if you report problems of my software, I will try to solve it as soon as possible, even if you don't pay donation.