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  • OS X 10.9 or later
    • Developed and tested on OS X 10.14.6.


Version 1.0.1 -- 2020-01-31


OpenHelpBook.scptd is an AppleScript Library to display a help book in any bundles with Help Viewer.

Applications for macOS have help files written by HTML in own bundle. The help files is called Help Book and shown in Help Viewer. This is smart way to provide application's helps because an application and its help files will never divorce.

OpenHelpBook.scptd allows followings through AppleScript.

  • Show a Help Book of an application without launching the application through AppleScript.
  • AppleScript's script bundles can have own help book.
tell script "OpenHelpBook"
do(path to application "Mail")
end tell


  • 1.0.1 -- 2020-01-29
    • Fixed error in OS X 10.9-10.10.
  • 1.0 -- 2018-12-26
    • First release.